The Client

The global head of prime brokerage at a major international bank asked our team to engage senior managers at its top hedge fund clients to gather feedback on the various aspects of the offering. In particular, the Bank wanted to make sure that its core prime brokerage services were being optimized, and that it was distributing its resources wisely between those core activities and “concierge” services.

The Program

We interviewed TK such clients – TK% of those to whom we reached out – engaging them in a thorough dialogue in which we explored their requirements from an operational and cost perspective, asked them about the smoothness of delivery of services, gauged the overall quality of their relationship with the Bank, and invited them to prioritize their needs and preferences.

The Results

Our systematic yet conversational approach yielded a trove of information that proved highly valuable to the business. Using both the verbatim transcripts of the interviews and our careful analysis of the resulting data, the head of the business was able to take a fresh eye to the prioritization of services, reallocate resources in a highly segmented way and zero in on aspects of the offering that could be improved upon as expressed in concrete detail by clients.