When time is of the essence, our Rapid Input Program provides you with quality, real-time client feedback you can use to make informed and actionable decisions on client-facing projects during the design and development, or beta/launch process. It combines the speed of a survey with the depth and nuance of a focus group.

Here’s how it works:


…are about to launch a new website or platform. On paper, the features seem to be what the users are looking for. But only in practice will you know if there’s anything missing, or if the features have been implemented in a way they find most useful. In other words, they need to see the product in action in order for you to get the most valuable feedback. But time is short, and you need to go live soon.


...conduct interviews with a select number of your clients (between 10 and 30) using a customized, unique questionnaire. As these are conducted, we provide you full transcripts on a rolling basis within one business day of interview completion. Within days of the final interview, 74&WEST delivers a report that includes top-line findings and question-by-question analysis.


In a matter of weeks, you have extensive feedback on the platform. Some tweaks are what you expected, while others no one on your team foresaw. Adjustments are made, and the platform is fully launched. Your clients are thrilled, as you deliver a product that they feel is designed to give them exactly what they’ve been looking for.