Partnering with Non-Profits

74&WEST has deep ties to the communities in which its staff members live, and we strongly support the efforts of organizations that make the world a better place. Consequently, we are pleased to offer non-profits low bono services so they can make even more of a positive impact.

Peer Health Exchange, a national non-profit focused on advancing health equity and improving health outcomes for young people, came to 74&WEST seeking answers to a hefty question: How can we grow the outreach of our health curriculum to underserved high school students? 74&WEST developed a targeted list of decision-makers in select geographies and from a broad array of community organizations, colleges and high schools. Seven weeks, 41 interviews and nearly 300 pages of verbatim interview transcripts later, 74&WEST provided PHE with in-depth analysis of our findings and helped the organization evaluate models of growth that would reach the greatest number of students at the highest efficiency.

For more information or to inquire about low bono pricing for your non-profit, please contact us.