The Team

With deep roots in financial services and journalism, this team of hard-working, insatiably curious people has worked together for more than a decade at some of the world’s most recognizable financial institutions, honing the methods that allow 74&WEST to deliver game-changing insights at both the aggregate and individual-client levels. Truly, 74&WEST’s best proof of strength is its team and their qualifications. Learn more about the firm's co-founders below.

Vicki Longo

Managing Partner

Vicki co-founded 74&WEST after a 30-year career on Wall Street, during which she served as Chief Operating Officer for two large businesses and held senior client-strategy positions at Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse. She is responsible for client engagement and business development for 74&WEST.

Since getting her start on Wall Street, Vicki has witnessed first-hand the remarkable changes that have transformed the industry and what it means to be a client in this space. For Vicki, what remains true is that this is a business based on relationships. She approaches her work with a strong spirit of collaboration combined with an uncompromising drive to deliver the right information about the relationships at the heart of a client’s business. She is firmly committed to the team’s bespoke offering, seeing no substitute for the kind of unique, nuanced conversations 74&WEST uses to gather the client intelligence that businesses need to thrive in a competitive marketplace.

In an environment where many firms homogenize the views clients have about products or services, Vicki created 74&WEST to provide deeper insight about those views. Over more than a decade, the team has developed its expertise to deliver smart, timely client-strategy solutions that furnish those insights.

Vicki is a senior advisor of the NY Board of Peer Health Exchange, a member of the Board of UnsungMusicalsCo.Inc and a member of the Columbus Citizens Foundation. She holds a BA in Political Science from Wittenberg University.

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Fedah Dahdul, PhD

Managing Partner

As co-founder of 74&WEST, Fedah works intimately with the firm’s clients, guiding them to design programs based on their unique values, assumptions and expectations; and she delivers the team’s findings through presentations that are thoughtful, conversational and compelling.

Having earned a PhD in Organizational Psychology, Fedah brings to each client engagement an intense focus on process and collaborative dynamics, as well as a holistic view of clients’ businesses. She is deeply interested in the power of stories, with a strong belief in the effectiveness of narrative as a strategy for understanding an organization and its challenges. When 74&WEST engages with a client, Fedah starts from the stories clients are telling about themselves and works toward the stories they want to tell.

Some of her favorite words are inquisitivereflectiveprogress and history. What inspires her most about 74&WEST is the talented team she has helped to build. She not only admires each one of them; she feels compelled always to deliver her very best, because she knows they are delivering theirs.

Fedah earned her PhD in Organizational Psychology from the Marshall Goldsmith School of Management, AIU.

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Ben Cramer


Ben is closely involved with every aspect of 74&WEST’s work, since he manages the team’s workflows and plays a key role in data management, analysis and presentation-building. Borrowing from the Occam’s Razor concept, which posits that simple formulas are usually the best formulas, Ben takes pride in providing straightforward (and expertly executed) solutions to the complex challenges of clients.

With a background in history, journalism and international affairs, Ben brings a curiosity about, and deep interest in, systems and functions, whether embodied in mixed-use living spaces or team workflows. His greatest satisfaction is creating efficient and elegant systems for managing processes, data and, most importantly, teams. He strives always to find team structures and management strategies that express respect for and which work for the unique individuals 74&WEST employs.

Ben sees no contradiction within a work approach that is at once diligent, focused, systematic, respectful, irreverent and fun.

He holds a Master’s degree in International Affairs from Columbia University.

A Community-Minded Staff

The people at 74&WEST care deeply about the work they do in the offices, and the work they do in their communities. 

74&West is proud to have a staff that works hard to make the world a better place, and supports and applauds them in their many efforts to bring positive change. Whether it’s animal welfare, scholarships and education, health and safety, or culture and journalism, the individuals of 74&WEST not only give financial support to these causes, but their time, too---volunteering, sitting on boards, even launching programs and philanthropic funds.

In more ways than one, the individuals at 74&WEST are passionate about doing good work.