The Approach

74&WEST understands that your clients are sophisticated and that the relationships you have with them are complex. That's why we believe that the key to eliciting the kind of feedback and insights you crave is to engage your clients in compelling discussions that are meaningful to them. These conversations place equal emphasis on hard quantitative data and nuanced qualitative findings. The 74&WEST approach is bespoke and proprietary, and your clients appreciate the white-glove approach.

In fact, it's the approach that sets 74&WEST apart from the competitors. Consider these three key differentiators:

The goal is not to describe the market for you. 74&WEST doesn't use random samples, and it doesn’t survey the market in order to tell you how you fit into it. The starting point is you, and the method 74&WEST employs is speaking to your clients about the specific questions you have for them.

Yes, 74&WEST gets you the numbers. But a successful project is predicated on a painstaking, old-school analytical approach the firm takes to making sense of the rich, nuanced, emotional, and sometimes even paradoxical utterances of your clients. You’ll see the hundreds of pages of transcripts, but you’ll rely on the thoughtful work the 74&WEST analysis team has done aggregating, contextualizing and synthesizing the volumes of information to provide you with deeply considered insights.

Nobody likes taking online surveys, and nobody likes dealing with telemarketers. That’s why 74&WEST has expert interviewers with real financial services knowledge to engage your clients in substantive dialogue. This approach is the reason nearly eight out of 10 clients 74&WEST reaches out to on your behalf will agree to be interviewed (much higher than the industry norm), and why so many of them will stay on the phone for considerably longer than the 15 minutes that are typically asked of them. They want you to know what they really think, and they entrust 74&WEST with the message.