The Services

Below, explore our four unique programs, plus the proprietary 74&WEST Box Score.

Comprehensive Relationship Audit

A broad overview examination of your business from your clients’ perspective, giving you the most holistic understanding of how those clients relate to your offering. A typical program might center on a series of questions under each of several categories: the overall relationship, satisfaction with products and services, and share of wallet/competitive landscape. You might execute the study as a one-off, or conduct an audit on a recurring basis to measure performance over time. Either way, you'll be able to fine-tune personnel and other resources to align with aggregate and client-specific needs, and uncover opportunities for making improvements, cutting costs, and increasing revenue.

Targeted Inquiry

An in-depth investigation of a specific matter of pressing interest to your business. Perhaps you’ve just launched a new product, and want to assess demand. Or maybe you’re considering introducing a new service, but want to know if it will truly move the needle. Pick the brains of your clients for the smartest ways of rolling out new products. Make the strongest possible business case for your decisions and uncover trends or shortcomings that have eluded you.

Virtual Forum

On your behalf, 74&WEST tackles an important issue facing the industry and conducts deep, rich interviews with a sampling of the same clients you’d select if you were hosting a symposium on the topic. Maybe you’d like to know how banks are planning to leverage blockchain technology in their settlement and back-office efforts. Or perhaps you’d like to know if and how hedge funds are planning to change their trading strategies in light of increased market volatility over the next five years. Stake your claim as a thought leader within and without your organization. Choose the option of having 74&WEST produce a white paper on the topic, which you share with participating clients. Or simply discuss findings internally to help you and your team meet changes in the market head-on.

Pulse Check (NEW)

Pulse Check is a streamlined feedback program focused on the delivery of the 74&WEST Box Score. This type of program offers a concise and meaningful measure of relationship health across a large sample of clients. In addition to delivering the Box Score, the Pulse Check incorporates a small handful of bespoke questions based on your specific client data needs.

74&WEST Box Score

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The 74&WEST Box Score is a proprietary method for capturing the overall well-being of a client account by zeroing in on two key metrics—relationship satisfaction and business outlook—and is represented by a simple letter/number grade (A1 – C3). The Box Score takes the deep data we collect and transforms it into a score you can use and rely on. In addition to being at the core of the Pulse Check, the Box Score can be added to a Comprehensive Relationship Audit or Targeted Inquiry.