74&W Exclusives is our interview series with thought leaders, subject matter experts, and the people who are in the action. Get a deep-dive look at the pressing topics and issues facing our industry.

From cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to a world of potentially groundbreaking applications, blockchain technology is a constant topic of conversation in the media as well as around the water cooler. We spoke with some of the foremost subject matter experts on the topic, and they gave us their insights.

  • CHRISTIAN CATALINI: Founder of the MIT Cryptoeconomics Lab, the Theodore T. Miller Career Development Professor at MIT, and more. He gives a primer on blockchain technology that is both surprising and compelling. READ NOW.

  • MARIA BUSTILLOS: Journalist, and editor of Popula. Maria discusses technology’s broader implications for journalism and society. She demonstrates just how far-reaching and wide-ranging its potential is, and how intuitive blockchain really is. READ NOW.

  • EMILY R. GARNETT: Attorney at Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck. Emily talks about the complex world of regulation when it comes to cryptocurrency. She also discusses how fraudsters are tricking the public into investing in sham ICOs, and what's being done about it. READ NOW.