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The world is rapidly changing, and so, too, is the way we work. What does the Future of Work really mean, and how can we look to the past to understand what lies ahead? For this series, we speak with some of the foremost thinkers when it comes to the Future of Work.

  • GLEN HIEMSTRA: Founder and CEO of Futurist.com, author, consultant. Glen provides a fascinating overview of what it means when we say "the future." He challenges commonly held perceptions, addresses the idea of a new industrial revolution, and argues that the Future of Work may be about much more than just work. READ NOW.

  • ANNIE LOWREY: Acclaimed author and contributing editor of The Atlantic. Annie explains the various forms that Universal Basic Income (UBI) can take, the moral and practical benefits of such programs, and why the critics have it wrong about it incentivizing people to do nothing. READ NOW.

  • JACOB MORGAN: Bestselling author, podcaster, and keynote speaker. Jacob gives a history of the concept of the Future of Work, as well as his interpretation of what it means. He explains why the future of work (and most everything else) isn’t so much filled with new things, but things that have evolved. READ NOW.