74&W Exclusives is our interview series with thought leaders, subject matter experts, and the people who are in the action. Get a deep-dive look at the pressing topics and issues facing our industry.

Personal data. Financials. Information. Almost everything these days is not just digitized, but online. That can be great in terms of speed and access. But it also means risk. 74&WEST speaks with some of the foremost experts on that risk to get an inside and in-depth look at the complex and fascinating world of cybersecurity.

  • DUSTIN FRAZE: Program Manager at DARPA. Among other things, Dustin explains the DARPA program, CHESS, which is anything but a game. Rather, it combines the forces of artificial intelligence systems and human hackers to eradicate cybersecurity threats. READ NOW.

  • TROY HUNT: Microsoft MVP and Regional Director, as well as founder of Have I Been Pwned. Troy discusses the devastating impacts of data leaks, the flaws of the so-called strong password, and victim-blaming. READ NOW.

  • FRANK CILLUFFO: Director of Auburn University’s McCrary Institute for Cyber and Critical Infrastructure Security and advisor to senior decision-makers in the US government and various international organizations. A two-part interview about the cybersecurity threats that the U.S. and the private sector are facing. READ PART ONE and PART TWO.